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Announcement PTMT 2015 - ICT Mumbai, November 2-7, 2015. See details at this link.

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A Brain Storming Session in MTTS

Welcome to the MTTS site! If you are visiting this site for the first time, you may want to know what MTTS is and why. Please check the About Us link for that on the top menu. If you are not a fresh face, the top, left menus will be of great use to you.

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Professor S Kumaresan, The Director, MTTS


What did Budha say about MTTS?

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Benefits of MTTS - A pictorial representation.

Benefits of MTTS

The ways in which an MTTS participant gains can be easily perceived from this pictorial representation

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To download MTTS poster, offline application forms and expository articles, please visit the Downloads section here.



News & Announcements

  • Mini-MTTS 2015 Vijayawada

  • KBN College, Vijayawada, December 14-19, 2015. Selection list published. See details at this link.
  • Mini-MTTS 2015 Assam

  • Diburgarh University during December 18 - 23, 2015. Selection list published. See details at this link.
  • Mini-MTTS 2015 Belagavi

  • Rani Channamma University, Belgavi, Karnatama, November 23-28, 2015. Selection list published. See details at this link.
  • Careers360.com on MTTS

    Mathematics training course: Think, ask, then solve! Read the full article at this link.
  • INSA Teachers award 2013 to Prof. S. Kumaresan

    See details at this page.
    A blog post on this achievement by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Hyderabad can be found at this link.
  • Organize Mini MTTS

    New online system for applying for financial support for organizing Mini MTTS. See this page.
  • MTTS Videos

    A new video section featuring interviews of some of the MTTS faculty and students opened at this link .
  • VC on Prof. Kumaresan

    The blog of the VC of University of Hyerabad on Prof. Kumaresan and MTTS at this link.

PTMT News & Announcements

  • PTMT 2015 Mumbai

    PTMT 2015 - Mumbai: Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, November 2-7, 2015. Selection list published. See details at this link.

Programme Director

Prof. S. Kumaresan
School of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Hyderabad
P.O. Central University
Hyderabad 500 046
E-mail: kumaresa AT gmail DOT com
Phone: (040) 2313 4059 (Off.), (040) 6460 9022 (Res.)
The Director




 Prof. Kumaresan's Blog


MTTS Venues So Far

MTTS venues so far

Diagram of all the venues of MTTS so far; prepared by Dr. Ajit Kumar (ICT, Mumbai)

  A pdf version of this can be found in the downloads section.


Training Programmes

Following are some other training programmes which are being organized for undergraduate/Post graduate students in india:


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